Marce (middle) with her daughter and husband.

Growing up, Marce wasn’t able to complete her education. Her parents passed away when she was in primary school, leaving her in the care of her cousins. After marrying, she began her family living under a roof made of leaves.  “We live like that because we want them to finish their schooling,” Marce said. “Sometimes we can’t even buy rice.” 

Marce’s children have big dreams for the future. Nipson wants to be a teacher, Anike and Alfred plan to enter into priesthood and her youngest son Alan hopes to join the army. 

Marce is determined that life will be different for her children. With a small loan from Prints Against Poverty’s partner, Opportunity International Australia, Marce started her own business making and selling cakes to earn a reliable income.

“This a blessing, whether I make 100 or 200 cakes, it is always sold out. People even come to buy in the night,” Marce said.  

Marce depends on this income to pay for food, gas for transport, and most importantly, her children’s school fees. Marce and her husband also fish along the beach as a way to earn additional income.   

In the future, Marce dreams of expanding her cake business but her children’s education will always come first. 

Photos from the field provided by our partner Opportunity International Australia.