Asria's Story

 started her own business making and selling tempeh. The income helps her pay for her children's school fees.

Before Asria started her tempeh business, she worked in the paddy fields as a rice grinder – tough, physical work. Her earnings weren’t always enough to meet the needs of her four children.   

With a small loan from Prints Against Poverty’s partner Opportunity International AustraliaAsria started her business making and selling tempeh – and doubled her income. In her village on Rote Island, Indonesia, tempeh is a daily staple and always in high demand.  

Asria’s day begins at 3:30am. She prepares tempeh before waking her children for school. After selling her products at the markets, Asria returns home to cook for her family and continues making tempeh until retiring to bed at 10pm. When asked why she works so hard, Asria replied: “To fufill the daily needs, to pay for my children’s education. It is important for the children; they must go to school.” 

Thanks to her successful business, Asria hopes her children will have access to the opportunities she missed out on. “I’m happy when I see all my children go to school,” she said. 

Photos from the field provided by our partner Opportunity International Australia.