Tips and Tricks for Decorating With Art

Posted by Prints Against Poverty

Unless you’re a designer, a gallery owner, or an artist yourself, chances are you’re struggling to figure out how to choose the right artwork for your home. The good news is, decorating with art is easier than you think. Here are some tips and tricks to get you started.

Think Outside the Frame

You don't need a collection of museum-worthy artworks to dress up your blank walls. As long as something is beautiful and meaningful to you, it can be art. Anything from modern prints and maps to ornate mirrors and plants will produce a great visual effect. 

Create a Gallery Wall

Building an interesting gallery wall is one of the best ways to give style and personality to a room. For an impressive result, mix artworks of various sizes, styles, and forms like paintings, photographs, and drawings. A carefully curated gallery wall is a work of art in itself. 

Gallery wall, 3 small frames, 2 large frames, white floorboards, comfortable boho chic living with cushions. White wash floorboards

Find a Common Thread

An artwork display should look and feel collected. Colour coordination may be the safest option when you are trying to tie together different esthetics. Alternatively, you can combine several works of art with a common theme, like animals or travel, to pull your space together. 

Mix and Match

Sticking to a particular style is only one way to decorate. Mixing and matching art styles can give a wonderful eclectic feel and make a statement in a room. Although effective, this method will take patience and practice if you want to avoid a cluttered, chaotic look. 

Mix and matched wall art above work desk, pot plant, black and white tiled floor, black chair with dark mahogany workspace

Create a Focal Point

Hang some attention-grabbing artwork to create a focal point that instantly draws the eye into the space. A captivating piece of art will help set the mood in the room and allow you to centre the entire decor around it. As an added bonus, unusual artworks are excellent conversation starters. 

Bathroom print, White background, black FORMAL typography, man holding the back of his neck, beautiful photography, pot plant, white wash brickwork and rolled towels on bathroom bench

Display Large Artworks

A large artwork can make a dramatic focal point. It will transform your room into a compelling and original space. Whether it’s an oil painting or a digital print, oversized wall art is fitting for any room and interior design style.

statement artwork, black canvas, heavy black paint, large print on wall behind designer chair, dark wooden floorboards, homely furnishings

Hang Art in Every Room

Spaces like kitchens, bathrooms, stairways, and laundry rooms often get overlooked when it comes to art, but there is no reason to leave their walls empty. In fact, those are the ideal places to experiment with decor that you may consider too bold for other rooms. 

Cosy Kitchen, hanging utensils, artwork standing framed on shelf high above oven.

Take Art off the Walls

No rule says you must hang art on the walls. Floating shelves are also perfect for displaying framed prints and photographs along with small decorative items. Or you can lean a large piece of art against the wall for a more contemporary, relaxed look.

Make It Personal

Art is a great way to express your personality and tell your story. Remember that you’ll be looking at the artworks in your home every day, so make sure you love the pieces you choose to surround yourself with.

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