The Importance of Art in your space

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Living With Art: The Incredible Benefits of Artwork at Home

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Art is more than a piece of decor. An original artwork can fill your home with personality and make you happier and healthier. Read on to find out more about the extraordinary benefits of surrounding yourself with works of art.  

Art Defines Your Space

Whether you’re into contemporary painting, figurative line art, or artistic photography, hanging your favourite artworks on the wall will instantly add character and personality to your space. Neutral or colourful, a piece of art can lighten up any room. If you choose carefully, an art collection will tell your story and reflect who you are. It will make your house a home. 

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Art Makes Your Home Unique

Bold artwork that creates a statement will add visual interest and bring a touch of uniqueness to your home. You can even design an entire room around a striking piece of wall art and use it as a focal point in an otherwise neutral space. 

Art Sparks Conversation

Original artwork at home encourages reflection and discussion. It challenges you and confronts any preconceived ideas you may have. When you talk about art with family and friends, you are sharing thoughts and experiences beyond everyday events and connecting with them on a deeper level.

Contemporary art piece, white furniture, bedroom setting, white walls and bright spacious living room

Art Encourages Creativity

Living in an art-filled home stimulates creative thinking. Studies show that observing artwork makes you shift perspectives, fuels your imagination, and even helps you come up with new ideas and solutions. Viewing works of art improves critical thinking, expressive capabilities and problem-solving skills, and inspires you to free your own creative potential. 

Art Makes You Happy

Creating art is therapeutic. But you don’t need to be an artist to benefit from the positive impact art has on the mood. Science shows that simply being surrounded by artwork can lower anxiety and depression. In fact, looking at works of art causes the brain to release the feel-good chemical, dopamine, that triggers feelings of pleasure and happiness. In other words, viewing an artwork you are emotionally connected to can in itself improve your mood and give you the health benefits of making art.

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Art Tells a Story

Creating original art takes time, dedication, and effort. When you buy an artwork for your home, you support emerging and established artists, allowing them to continue pursuing their work. Remember that there is an artist with a unique story behind the work of art you are adding to your collection. Online marketplaces for original art such as Culture Prints allow you to connect with talented local and international artists, get to know their story and creative process, and offer your support to the art community.

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